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Wendi Baby Ethan Lombard's Mom October 13, 2008
Thinking of you little angel cutie!! We love you baby Daniel! xo!

Eli's Mommy "Happy Special Birthday" May 30, 2008















Hey Baby boy, just stopping by to wish you a very special “Happy 1st Birthday” in heaven with all of your little angel friends. Heaven must be getting ready to celebrate your special day little one. Sending you lots of Birthday kisses with all my love and one special hug just for you angel.




crystal t. to a strong mother May 25, 2008

     I have no idea what you must be feeling as a mother loosing her child. I have a neice who too was taking a nap and never woke up. She was such a beautiful baby girl. It has been a rough time since that terrible day. we had her here on earth for only 5 months. not long enough. the medical examiner in her case said that there wasen't anything that wasen't perfect about her. It makes you want to ask why. My brother was the one home with her when she passed, he too walked in to find her grasping for air, he dialed 911 and tried to save her with cpr, but when they arrived she was already gone. He has tried to move foward but he still blames himself and probably always will. as a mother of 3 myself i commend you for talking about your son like you do, it takes a very strong person. We have had a few tragic deaths in our family lately and if i have learned 1 thing, its tell the one that you love that YOU LOVE THEM because you dont know what tommorow might bring. God bless.

Kendra April 2, 2008

To the family of this beautiful baby boy:


Words cannot express my sorrow for your loss. This is a very touching tribute to your angel...and though it doesn't take away the pain you surely feel, it does help to ensure that his memory will be preserved forever. We lost our little girl, Aubrey Lynn, to SIDS in November 2006. Not a day goes by that she is not in our minds, our thoughts, or our hearts. It was ironic to read about Daniel's autopsy because when Aubrey died, the ER staff told us that she had probably choked and died...just like your son. But after the autopsy came back with nothing, her death was classified as SIDS. Absolutely backwards from your experience. Neither is worse...and neither "answer" will sufficiently heal our broken hearts. Please know your little boy has touched my heart. God bless!

Joani Nelson Horchler Author, SIDS & Infant Death Survival Guide book February 21, 2008


      You have created a very beautiful website in a wonderful memorial to Daniel.  I am sure he is smiling down on you from above.  I would never say I know how you feel, because no one can, but --as you know--my husband Gabe and I also lost our only son (Christian Gabriel) to SIDS, back in 1991.  We still miss him terribly and always will, but we live most of the time in cheerfulness and gratefulness for all we do have (five healthy living daughters and now a wonderful 2-yr-old grandson named after Christian) because we know that Christian would want us to be happy.  I want to give you hope because time really does help to heal those deep wounds.  With love and healing, Joani, Gabe & family (written Feb. 21, 2008)

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